Cashu is a free and open-source Chaumian ecash system built for Bitcoin. Cashu offers near-perfect privacy for users of custodial Bitcoin applications. Nobody needs to know who you are, how much funds you have, and who you transact with.

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Cashu is for Bitcoin

Cashu is built for Bitcoin and is deeply integrated with Lightning. Wallets use the mint's Lightning node for sending and receiving Bitcoin payments anonymously in exchange for ecash. This means that Cashu wallets can be used as regular Bitcoin Lightning wallets but with the added benefit of nearly perfect privacy.

Ecash for your privacy

A Cashu mint does not know who you are, what your balance is, or who you're transacting with. Users of a mint can exchange ecash privately without anyone being able to know who the involved parties are. Bitcoin payments are executed without anyone able to censor specific users.

Cashu apps

There are multiple implementations of Cashu mints and wallets. Cashu Nutshell is the reference implementation with a command line interface (CLI). eNuts and Minibits are mobile applications. and Nutstash are Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with a graphical user interface.

The Cashu protocol

Cashu is an open ecash protocol for anyone to implement. The specifications, called Cashu NUTs (Notation, Usage, and Terminology) describe how to implement the protocol. Multiple Cashu client libaries make it easy for developers to write their own wallets.