Adopting Cashu

Cashu is an ecash wallet and mint system built for Bitcoin. Its latest version is integrated into LNbits and features a web wallet so you can be a mint with a few clicks and share the wallet with your friends.

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Cashu runs on Bitcoin

Cashu is a Chaumian ecash system built for Bitcoin. It has full Lightning integration and can run on different Lightning node implementations.

Cashu loves privacy

A Cashu mint does not know who you are, what your balance is, or who you're transacting with. And that's how things should be.

Cashu is an app

Cashu has a command line interface (CLI) and is also available as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Add it to your Home screen to get a native app experience.

Cashu is a library

Cashu is a library that developers can integrate into their existing services. It is integrated into LNbits as a Python library.